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The satellite TV service providers supply a great choice whether you’re looking for a basic TV package or sports networks, one stacked with premium channels, and more. Addition to channel package variety, with satellite TV, will also deliver high-quality sound and picture, and do not forget the exceptional availability and advanced DVR technology.

The biggest satellite TV: DISH provides TV service solutions throughout all 50 states, so you likely have available to you satellite TV service no matter where you live. Use Speedy Connects to shop satellite TV packages available in your area.

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Frequently asked satellite TV inquires

Finding the best TV deals for you usually comes down to the following factors:

A temporary loss of signal may occur in weather such as heavy rain, snow, and severe cloud cover.  Just remember such instances are rare, and DISH reports to have 99% signal reliability.

Satellite TV providers such as DISH often include specific equipment such as cables, mounting hardware, and the satellite dish, at no extra cost.  You will also find standard installation services are added to you can see that typically the price is very low or free.

This service solution requires a satellite dish with the traditional DISH satellite TV service.  If the case that you are restricted to installing a dish or do not want one, DISH TV NOW provides live TV streaming without requiring a satellite dish installation.

We have stated that you the customer is the one that decides as to which is best.  We want to assist in helping you with the informed decision.  DISH has the largest satellite TV network in the U.S.  Packaging, and pricing options are very similar between these two providers. The Hopper3 DVR make DISH stands out, as it can record up to 16 shows at once.

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