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Is DSL internet slower than fiber?

Fiber internet uses pulses of light to transfer data over flexible small gauge glass wire. DSL internet and cable internet are fast, but fiber-optic internet is much faster—up to 25x faster. Fiber internet transmits data so quickly because light signals transmission is far more efficient than electrical transmission over a traditional copper cable.

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Frequently asked DSL internet questions

Finding the best DSL internet plans for you

DSL internet plans vary in pricing by speeds supplied and by the provider. Plans can start at a modest $40 per month* for speeds reaching 50 Mbps with a particular provider and range up to $79.99 per month* for speeds up to 940 Mbps with another provider.

DSL’s current technology allows providers to provide internet speeds up to 1,000 Mbps. High-speed fiber internet service offering tends to range from between 50 Mbps to 1,000 Mbps. By comparison, many cable internet providers can offer speeds up to 1,000 Mbps, but typically provide plans between 20 Mbps and 100 Mbps.

Yes, it would help if you had a particular modem that converts DSL light data into a signal compatible with a Wi-Fi router, then be distributed to your devices. As opposed to converting cable and DSL analog signals into a format compatible with your devices, the modem is required to convert light signals into digital signals.

You can get DSL internet by using Speedy Connects to find out which provider of fiber internet offer plans in your area. If you are moving, Speedy Connects can assist in helping you make an informed decision for your new location. Then choose the plan you want, order your new internet service and schedule your installation with your new DSL internet provider.

construction costs. Cable technology has improved dramatically in the last decade so that cable internet can offer similar internet download speeds as fiber. One of the most significant differences is cable doesn’t provide symmetrical connection (equal download/upload) speeds. As discussed in another section of our site your internet usage style is an important characteristic to determine your best option. Two other factors of course are your budget, and connection available in your area.

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