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What is fiber internet?

Fiber internet is an internet connection type which uses the same cable that connects to your TV. The bandwidth capacity of the cable used by cable TV is higher than that used by the phone lines. Thus, fiber internet is much faster than DSL. Most of the cable providers offer internet and cable packages at a discounted rate. The result is money savings to you by bundling your TV, phone and internet services from the same cable provider.

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Here are some common fiber internet questions
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Finding the best fiber internet plans for you

SO, it turns out that cable internet is best for the moderate internet user. This type of connection type is best suited for the user that utilizes the internet for streaming movies or music, internet for web browsing, streaming, video chats, and gaming.

As stated previously the connection type is mandated by the browsing style and habits. Should cable internet connection not be required due to your browsing habits, consider DSL, satellite or fiber internet instead. Each connection type has its advantages. Use Speedy Connects to locate the providers in your area or the area you are moving to, and see what’s available.

If you’re unable to shop FIBER internet near you, you may be located in an area where satellite, DSL or fiber connections are your only options. Compare and validate connections to select the best internet option for you.

Many providers like Spectrum and XFINITY offer standalone cable internet, so sign up for additional services is not needed. However, bundling with either phone or TV can save you money on your monthly bills.

You’ll find typically users of cable only experience disruptions in service during times of high internet traffic or strong weather conditions in their area. Those using the service will be sharing bandwidth with the users in your vicinity around you so that speed decrease will depend on the number of people and devices which are using the connection at one time.

Bandwidth usually refers to how much information your internet signal can transmit in a given amount of time. The more bandwidth your internet has, the easier it will be to continue your favorite internet activities like streaming, gaming and more.

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