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What is satellite internet?

So, the satellite internet providers say they offer a reliable, “always on” internet connection. It doesn’t tie up your phone line, so you’re able to talk and surf at the simultaneously. Another interesting, unique factor is that satellite internet does require wires to connect to your house. With satellite internet the rural areas can be supported service since they have been far from cable’s reach. All us at Speedy Connects to help find available satellite internet providers in your area.

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Typical questions for those looking at satellite as a solution

Finding the best satellite internet plans for you

Providers of Satellite internet solutions like Viasat or HughesNet are available nationwide and often cater to areas where internet access is limited such as rural areas.

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Well, it starts with orbiting satellite orbiting the earth which transmits internet signals to your dish and then over to your computer.  Your computer communicates information back to your dish and then back out to the orbiting satellite.

No.  There are satellite internet providers, like Viasat, which offer plans with unlimited data options. Viasat does not charge an extra fee for going over a specific cap, be aware they may throttle your speeds once a certain amount of data is reached within a given month.

Due to the method described earlier in this FAQ for the transmitted signal, you will not be able to game and stream as you would like with satellite internet service. That latency or “lag” we discussed is going to decrease the quality of your internet service required for these types of activities.

The type of users which are best supported by the satellite connection type are those that want a moderate broadband speed and for those living in rural areas.  So if you like to casually surf the news, check weather updates or steam a movie, then satellite is right for you.

The previous answer sets the stage for the latency scenario due to the communications sequence; Computer, dish, satellite, dish, computer.  This cycle sets the stage for latency or lag in your service. Some ways to minimize service degradation are, ensure your satellite dish is situated correctly and that there is an unobstructed space between the dish and sky.  Additionally, make sure your router is out in the open and close to your most used devices using your service.

It is wireless and based on an orbiting satellite.  The internet connection provided is available almost anywhere.  So, of course, this supplies the service to the less populated rural areas which usually do not have other forms of internet services provided.

Yes, the broadband internet options include DSL, satellite, cable and fiber internet. Broadband speeds according to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) as a minimum of 25 Mbps download, and 3 Mbps upload.

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