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What is a wireless home internet setup?

Wireless home internet is a no wire or wire-free internet setup for your home. It allows you to connect all your devices wirelessly—anytime, anywhere. Very nice indeed. All that is required in a modem and the wireless router to get started. This technology has been getting even better over the years. You are allowed to set up a home Wi-Fi network using radio frequencies, and your devices are always on and connected.

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With Speedy Internet, you get the high-speed Internet you need to stream video, play online games, download music and more across multiple devices in your home ...

An Internet Connection You Can Count On

Take your high-speed Internet connection wherever you go. Transferring Internet service to a new address is an important part of moving, but one that often gets left until the last minute. Speedy Connects helps you keep your Internet service working as fast as it can. Start or stop service, upgrade, or even change Internet service providers in one simple step, and get back online faster with help from Speedy Connects.

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